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Pintchuk Family Page 6: Victor
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If Sol was the black sheep of the family, Victor was certainly the "gray sheep".    He was born in 1897 in Tomashov, and
immigrated to the US with his mother, grandmother and siblings in 1907.   His name was Victor in Poland (see Fig. 8 on the
'Beginnings' page) , and we have no idea where the name came from.  He went to school in Youngstown, probably through the
eighth grade.   We have an attendance card for him dated 27 Sep. 1907, showing him in the first grade at the age of ten.
(1)   He did
not serve in World War 1, although he may have been in the merchant marine.
At some time, probably in the early 20s, Victor simply left home and stopped communicating with the family.   He did spend some
time in the merchant marine, but most of his activities during this period are a mystery.   He apparently visited Cleveland at least
once, since he registered his citizenship in Cleveland on 1 June 1942.
(2)   He showed up in Los Angeles shortly after World War II,
and after a short time in California, returned to Cleveland.   He found a job in Cleveland, but was pushed by the family into a
marriage with a very nice woman named Rose Danziger.   But marriage was not for Victor, and he soon abandoned Rose and
Cleveland again.
He turned up again in Los Angeles in the 60s, got a job as a handyman at a hotel.   Presumably much of his time away was spent  
in the Merchant Marine, but he never wanted to talk about it.He visited my parents often, always helpful around the house,
including cooking, and was always very quiet.   He made the matzah balls for each Pesach seder,  When he stopped working, the
hotel let him stay in a room there, and I often dropped him off at the hotel on a Sunday evening after visiting my parents.  Victor
died 10 Aug. 1976, at the age of 79, after a relatively brief illness.
(3) He is also buried at Hillside Cemetery, Los Angeles very near
my parents.
Perhaps I can best sum up his life by remembering that when Alisa and I went to clean out his room at the hotel after his death,   
we found not a single picture, not a single book, not a letter, not a card, nothing except the very bare necessities of his life
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