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Pintchuk Family Page 7: Nathan
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Nate was born 31 Jan 1902 in Tomashov, the last of Naftali and Ethel's children.   He was named
Nachum, after his Grandfather, Yeshayahu Nachum, which was anglicized to Nathan in the US.  He
was five years old when the family immigrated in 1907.   He probably got the best Youngstown
schooling of any of the Pintchuk children, completing one year of high school.
(1)   Nate was too
young for World War I, and left Youngstown with the rest of the family for Cleveland, probably in the
late 20s.   He owned and operated a dry cleaning store for his entire working life
On 24 Jun 1940, shortly after World War I broke out in Europe, Nate registered his citizenship in
(2)   Although 39 years old when the US entered World War II, Nate was single  therefore
eligible for the "old mans draft" in 1942.    He entered the army on 25 Jun 1942, spent the rest of the
war at posts in the US, including many months fighting a mimeograph machine at an army base in
Casper, Wyoming.
(1)   Thus Nate was the fourth of five Pintchuk sons to serve in the military.   The
fifth, Victor, served in the Merchant Marine.  The picrure above shows Nate in his army uniform.
After the war, Nate returned to Cleveland and his dry
cleaning store.   His romance with Gerry Zwee was
already long standing when the war ended.   They were
unable to marry due to Gerry's father's dislike for Nate,
and the effect this would have on Gerry's supposedly
considerable inheritance.   However, Gerry was well
accepted into the family, and she managed Nate's store
while he was in the service. They finally were able to
marry on 12 Aug 1951, and Gerry worked with Nate as
long as they had the store.   The inheritance turned out
to be minimal, except for the old, large Zwee house,
which was in need of great repair, according to Marian
Fig. 1: Nate ca 1919
Figure 3 appeared in a Cleveland newspaper in 1985.   
The caption reads:
Nathan Pintchuk of Cleveland
Heights was a patient at Mount Sinai Hospital on the
Jewish New Year Thursday but that did not stop him
from attending the traditional service in the hospital
chapel to commemorate the holy day.
  Gerry died 14
Apr 1978, at the age of 68, and Nate died in June, 1985
at the age of 83.
Figure 2
Sam, Sarah, Nat and Gerry ca 1974
Figure 3: Nate  1985