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From the
Land of the Cossacks
to the
Home of the Brave
This is the story of the four American Jewish families that were united by the marriage of Adar Belinkoff and Elana Goldfarbל״ז  in
1949.  As best we can trace, their stories begin early in nineteenth century.  Now, 150-200 years later, at the beginning of the
twenty-first century, these families that were struggling to stay alive in the heart of the Russian Pale of Settlement, have
transported themselves, almost completely, to the Goldineh Medinah, the United States, where they have prospered beyond their
wildest dreams.
These are ordinary families. We have no great figures of worldly or national renown, no
learned Rabbis, no Nobel laureates, not even a famous scoundrel that we can call our own.
We do have doctors, lawyers, teachers, business people, writers, accountants, social
workers, homemakers; in short a cross section of all the livelihoods that one would expect
in large and diverse Jewish American families.  We have Temple Presidents, board members
and active workers in a myriad of civic and religious activities.   We also have our share of
not-so-goodniks, black sheep, whispered-about-only events, even criminals. In short, we are
very much like most other families of our times.
This story is a work in progress.  Hopefully, it will never end.  New babies are being born
regularly, and we also have our share of funerals.   There are many threads to be followed
both as we go forward in time, and as we try to go backwards to understand better from
where we came.  This is a snapshot of our family at a particular moment in time.  Like all
photos it is to be studied now, looked at nostalgically in the future, and constantly be
brought up to date with new views showing the inevitable changes.
DOCUMENTATION: Good genealogical research is based on documenting and verifying all data.  I have tried to do this as much
as possible. Much information, however, is based on family memories and educated guesses. Whenever information is
presented that I cannot document, I have tried to so indicate, often by using the abbreviation "abt." for about, and "ca" for
circa, etc.
PRIVACY:  I have no intention of publishing here anything that disturbs any family member. History is what it is, and I cannot
change dates and facts. But if there is anything in these displays that you feel is inappropriate, please contact me immediately.