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The Descendants of Osher Goldfarb

1. The First Family

Figure 1.1 - The Descendants of Osher and Sarah Goldfarb

Figure 1.2 - The Descendants of Osher and Rivka Rubenstein Goldfarb

The order of Osher's children with Sarah is taken from an Affidavit of Heirship for Abe Goldfarb filed by Alan Jacobs in October, 1974 (Ref. 2.3.7), and is subject to review.  Ethel's birthdate was taken from the Youngstown grave of Ethel Margulis.  Abe's birthdate and death date are known.  All the other birth dates are estimated.

The only information we have about Max Goldfarb is that he did immigrate to the US and married a woman named Celia.  We have no information about children, or date and place of death.

Chaim (Herman) Goldfarb immigrated to the US, married a woman named Ida Winston, and died in Detroit.  We have no information about children.  There is a story that he changed his name to Winston.

Abraham Goldfarb never married and left no children.

Family trees for all the other children can be found by clicking on The Remaining Families above.

Figure 1.3 - Ostroleka, Poland

This is a street scene ca 1900 from Ostroleka, Poland, the family ancestral home.  The illegible writing is from the original postcard.