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The Naumberg (Nomberg, Numberg) Family

We are very much indebted to Marc Nomberg (see "The Other Families") for virtually all of the information that follows.  Marc has been kind enough to share all his extensive research with us, without which this site would be sparse indeed.  Marc has traced the family back to Meir Naumberg, born about 1760.   However this is only the story of one of Meir's descendant lines.   Hence, it cannot be called "The Descendants of Meir Naumberg", but rather "The Naumberg Family".

Marc has also researched many of the "married into" members of this family.   Since these introduce new family names, notes and/or small trees of these families have been included as appropriate.

I have chosen to call the family name Naumberg, which probably was the town in Germany from which the family emigrated to Poland, and that form of the name is used for all the European branches.   In the US, I have used either Nomberg or Numberg, depending on the actual family usage.

1. The First Four Generations

We also have some information on Elias Naumberg's wife, Inda.

All the rest of the known family are descendants of Gedalyah Naumberg.   Boruch Naumberg, the third child of Gedalyah, died at the age of nine.   Each of the other four children, Icko (Yitzchak), Akiva, Meir, and Pinchas, left descendants.

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